Tuesday, 5 February 2008

The worst sentence ever

I often bang on about good customer service and we were horrified to receive the following email from Dell today.

First, a little scene setting. We purchased some Dell machines before Christmas, one of which didn’t work. We called our account manager, explained the problem and he kindly agreed to provide us with a credit note and instructions for return to base. So far so good.

Some three months later and about 10 emails and a few phone calls later I was starting to get the feeling normally reserved for BT customer service. Then we received an email from Dell customer service/sales department, a general ‘how are you doing sir, would you like to buy something’ type email. Bingo we thought, this kind lady had just asked us how Dell could help. Well, we explained once again that we had not received a credit note and the offending computer was still cluttering the office. Now I absolutely kid you not, this was the email response we received from Dell customer service.

'...the only way you'd be able to return a laptop is by contacting customer care on 087 -09-06-00 10, and if there is something faulty with it ; if its just coz u don't want it, they will not take it back...'

This sentence just compounds the shoddy customer service. It is aggressive, accusatory and just plain wrong, innit!

Whatever – Property Owl

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