Friday, 29 February 2008

Sex sells, but you have to know the fundamentals.

I couldn’t resist posting a link to a missed opportunity from one estate agent who claims she slept with a 1000 men. Unfortunately, neither she (as a sole agent) nor her company (if she works for one) benefits from her piece in the newspaper. She is plastered across the newspaper and the Internet, saying she is an estate agent but doesn’t promote herself any further (not professionally at least). What a waste!

I am not suggesting that all estate agents should follow this route and perhaps she believes she will earn enough from the spread in the paper or perhaps she is considering a new career. Indeed, given some of her comments her employer may not relish the association and it may not be safe for a buyer/seller to be with her alone in any event.

Whatever her motivation, she could have used this as a springboard for marketing herself as an agent and taking more advantage of such glorious marketing opportunities.

Anyway, I have to dash to a photo shoot for a Sunday newspaper.

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