Monday, 7 January 2008

Help and Listings

Its all about me! The attached video found at the great future of real estate marketing site and produced by 1000wattconsulting asks whether lead generation is dead. We say every estate agent should watch something like this video and then not ask what is dead, but ask what does the customer actually want?!

Property Owl asks this question on two fronts, what does the estate agent want and what does the buyer/seller want. It does not take a rocket scientist to draw the conclusion that both elements require 'help' and 'listings'. Indeed, both distinctive groups want the same! Listings are essential to the estate agent, but also essential to the user. Help is crucial to the user and crucial to the estate agent.

Has anyone ever looked at these two groups with this philosophy in mind?

Our aim is to make our property management system so easy for the estate agent they will be able to concentrate more on listings which - sorry if this sounds like a sales pitch – means there is more time to help the customer and thus provide them with more listings. Simple!!

We know that many in this industry spout this mantra, but just how many of them fully appreciate the simple logic of the above?

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